Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Place

I moved to a new place, to a high-rise for the first time in my life. I get good sleep because the building is made of concrete of course and there's no noise from the floor above. We get a good view and everything is close. The rent is reasonable. It's been a good move so far, I'd say. I'd never bought such a place though, If I ever could. And there're lots of crackheads, assholes, nose in the sky and so on in the building which I'm not surprised. It's a huge population here compare to the last place. The last building had only 10 apartments. This one has over 350, I think. I met my buddy S. J. yesterday after almost a year a half and he told me that there had been a homicide in the tower once a few years ago! I think I remember that. I don't remember if that was the address though. He's a bit slow and you can't trust whatever he says after all!
(Photo: View from the apartment in the morning after a light snow yesterday)

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