Thursday, February 17, 2011

George's Concern

You probably have seen Seinfeld. That is my favorite sitcom. I can't tell which is the best because all of them are great but today something reminded me of George Costanza played by Jason Alexander. He was once fired from work because he wanted to use his boss's private washroom and he was not allowed to! He pretended to be handicapped in order to be able to use the luxury and specoius washroom of the company, in another job.
I'm concerned too. When I want to use the bathroom at work, I rather to have it empty. I feel privacy is invaded while I'm doin' my business if someone is around. Most of the time I got lucky but if I go inside and feel there's anybody using one of the two toilets or the two urinals, I'd rather come back later if I don't feel too much pressure!
(Photo: Jason Alexander as George Costanza in a scene from the sitcom Seinfeld)

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