Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marble Slab

One place that I don't mind spend money when I'm out is Marble Slab. I know it's full of sugar and fat and is not probably good for me but I've already tried that 2 times. I guess I'm goin' for the third time this week.
The one that I've been to is in Chinook Center. You pay a bit more than $6 and get a big pint with three scoops and some toppings. Whatever you get just don't try its Peanut Butter-Banana because it didn't taste real to me. Green Tea, Dark Chocolate and Blueberry is good but overall I don't know how real they are. Nevertheless I will be enjoying it until I find a better ice cream or buy my own ice cream maker.
(Photo: These are the cakes from Marble Slab. They look really tempting but have not tried them yet. They must be some $24 and up each, competing with T& T cakes in price. I haven't tried those ones either!)

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