Saturday, February 19, 2011

If It Ain't Cold, It Ain't Calgary

The temperature plunged down again in Calgary a few days ago after a short break. It's now -17 C and sunny but was really cold when we were out last night.
I was walking to a Safeway to get something for my dinner and there was absolutely nobody on the streets as far as the eyes could see! It was some -20 C plus the windchil which makes it much colder. I was mostly fine in my Columbia and had my earmuffs on, althogh had nothing underneath a regular pair of pants. My face and typically the nose was the area of concern. I could feel that liquid inside my nose was frozen! But overall I was fine. Mike whom I spent a few hours with him before the shopping had a hat on, plus gloves and a pajama underneath his pants and was still nagging and complaining! I'll write his story later.
(Photo: This image, if you can see, shows a digital board which has both clock and thermometer. It shows the current temperature, a -20 C at the time. I took it from on overpass in the town)

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