Thursday, April 12, 2012

Troublesome Vegitable

I have been called a Troublemaker by many and I admit that I am a person who is looking for chalenges but this vegitable gave me sort of trouble that I rather not try it again: Artichoke!
We bought a few times and tried to cook it but we acomplished nothing! It remains in the boiling pots for hours and hours and the result is a plastic-like piece that can be only chewed like a gum! Eventually I accidentally found a short clip in Youtube that show how it should be cooked.
The result is disapointing and worth not the effort, time and money. Only a very tiny part of the vegitable is cut and boiled. The rest is trash. I can not think of any fruit or vegitable like that.
(Photo: Artichokes in a local Coop Supermarket)

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