Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Completed Peace Bridge

I went for a little run yesterday. It was after almost 2 weeks because I have been struggling with this damn disease, Gout, for the period mentioned. I barely could even walk in the first days. Forget about running! So instead of the usual 20 min. I decreased it to half, only 10 min.! It's amazing how your health could be deteriorated overnight. But I realized is even more interesting. I think it's more likely stress and fury that drive me sick. Both of them are producers of Uric Acid in the body or they increase its production. I am advised to stay away read meat, alcohol, fatty foods and rich meats like liver and I have been doing it and still have the problem. So it's obvious that these emotions, that I hardly can control them, are the cause.
Anyways I decided to check out the controversial bridge, the Peace Bridge. It was officially opened in 24-Mar-12 but because I had known it would be crazy I postponed seeing it on that day. The bridge is OK but like I said earlier there was definitely no need to spend millions of dollars on it especially because it was awarded to Spanish designer or probably a manufacturer in abroad as well. I guess Calgarians should have questions the piece of crap animal who decided to give this project to foreigner. A project which has no value for Canada should be stopped. It's like these all Oil Sands which have mostly no benefit for Canada as my buddy said and I will discuss that in another post. And then why the hell on Earth you have to find such a stupid name for a bridge? Do we live in North Korea or some other damn country that they name the things that they never had or will never see??!
I thought the bridge, which is covered would protect you from the regular horizontal snow, rain and hail in Calgary but it is open at side. May be it is designed and manufactured this way to be able to stand in front of the strong wind guts of Calgary. The absolute funny thing would be this bridge collapsing after a few months or years. I want to see what answer they will have!
(Photo: Peace Bridge over Bow River between 8th and 6th St., SW)

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