Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Crap They Are In Now

I read somewhere that hundreds of thousands of application of immigration to Canada had been returned to the applicants and their fess were refunded. The Government stated lack of enough employees to review the files as one reason.
I also read in CIC's website that there will be no more Permanent Residency granted to parents and grandparents of the Canadian residents or citizens for I guess the next 2 years and instead they could use a permit to travel and stay in Canada called Super Visa which will be valid for a period of 2 years, I guess.
So eventually seem that the Government is doing something about this load of shit which is pouring to the country. Nowadays there is barely any place in the city that you go and you don't see a creature covered from toe to head. There are many services that when you go to, you will have problems because simply the one who provides that service is either unable to provide or unwilling to. It could be a Black or an Oriental for lack of communication skills or inappropriate training or a Caucasian because he or she sees all poor foreigners around him or her and get embarrassed. I had one case in a nearby McDonald's that we had been to for a coffee. There was a Caucasian blond, tall girl with blue eyes that if you had seen him out of her uniform on the street, you would have thought that she was either a salesperson or someone having a better position. Her lack of eagerness in providing the service she was supposed to was very obvious. I would have had probably the same feeling if I had been her surrounded by Filipino and Black guys. I do not know who she blames for that but the next time I was there I did not see her. May be she was off the next time but it is very likely that she has another job now. I know people that they do not feel comfortable beside foreigners. If I was her I would probably curse the Government for letting those people in! I say probably but I never know until I am in her shoes.
Anyways I do not know the long term plans of the Government but I do know that CIC has started taking actions recently. It might be a little late but better than nothing. There is no doubt that the Government will allow the investors and entrepreneurs. How much they have to bring, that will be the question.
(Photo: Jason Kenny, the Immigration Minister said once that there are many who abuses Canada's hospitality and generosity and the first thing they ask once they get off the plane is where their cheque is! I have interesting stories that will tell later)

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