Sunday, September 09, 2012

Running and Jogging

I decided to document my exercises and I started in mid. Aug. I started running after canceled my membership with Talisman. I was a little more than $60 to pay every month plus the cost of gas of course. So I said fuck it especially because it gets really crowded in the winter and that is when you want to be there. I spent the entire winter of 2011 outside and in U of C for skating which cost less and was more effective. I have not decided on going back to U of C for skating yet but want to organize my jogging a little more.
For Sep. I had a good start tehn I felt a bit shaky last Thu. so I have not been out since. This table here is the summerized table and I had to cut a few columns to be able to fit it here and the reason is it's in Word.
I guess I may go tomorrow and then will see how I can improve my running because as it can be seen, I'm stuck at 25 min. It is obvious that heat decrease the perfromance but other factors are invloved. Look at the table and see how the temperature has directly affected the perfromace.
(Photp: This table has lost a few columns before it is put up here but the idea is to be able to see how the temperature and time corrolate with the duration)

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