Sunday, September 02, 2012

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka has been the most attractive to me in Banff National Park and there is more to do. We had bought the tickets in May and finally used them today. We were there at 13:45 and in 5 minutes sat in the boat, in the back! It was a good seat regardless of the noise from the engine because that is where you can stick your head out and also take photos not from behind the glass and breath fresh mountain/lake air.
The surrounding of the lake is very beautiful. The boat goes for half and hour until where you can see there is no more mountain and then turns back.
When we were heading for the National Park in the morning, there was such a heavy traffic that I wanted to go back but then decided not to make a rush decision and continued. The town was really busy too because we spent about an hour in there. Almost the same problem on the way back but I didn't want to fall back so I pushed the pedal and passed almost everyone I could by doing 140 KM at times!
Overall Lake Minnewanka is a very beautiful place to visit and our plan is to go there and this next time we are going to either rent or buy a kind of boat, any kind and go to the end of lake and duck, walk, eat, take photo, may be swim and come back and we are going to do that next summer probably if nothing keeps us back because it was a bit cold especially when we were going back when clouds covered the sun.
(Photo: I lost my Sony digital Camera in Kayban Farms and I have been using my Samsung ever since. This picture shows where the boat turns back. This is where the mountains end as you can see at the end and the end is also the end of the lake where I'm planning to go next summer)

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