Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saddledome's Retiring Soon

It has been now almost 10 year that I wanted to go and watch a game in Saddledome! I first talked to Andrew F. about that and I was supposed to get the ticket but his then-wife opposed for whatever reason and we never went. Then never was a circumstances which under that I could watch again. I have been inside a few times during Stampede though.
So I decided to go with Farzin this season, 2012-2013 but had not planned for it until a week or longer ago when I heard that the Flames lease with the building is about to expire and at the same time the arena itself is reaching it's retirement and the team is looking for a place to build another one. Ken King indicated that the lease could easily be extended since there is no rush but no word has been given as where the new arena will be.
Having said all that this new dispute between NHL and NHLPA about salary cap has not been resolved yet and there apparently is no plan for further negotiations! It is not clear if the same lockout as 2004-2005 will happen or the two sides may reach an agreement.
So I can not plan for a game still after 10 years! I have to see what the result would be. Whether they decide to start the season or just shut everything down. The fact is the lock out has huge impact on many businesses: Bars, newspapers, restaurants, transportation, you name it but seems if no agreement is reached nobody cares about the money that all those businesses will lose.
(Photo: The Saddledome has been serving the city of Calgary since 1983)

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