Saturday, November 17, 2012

Animals in Winter

We all know that the wildlife get closer to the towns and cities in the winter for food. I experienced one last year in GlenmorePark. Last weakened I went to Nosehill and it was very cold, less than -10 °C and I wanted to have my normal jugging. I realized that it was a little late, not because it was getting dark; I was to pick up F. F. So I started walking up the hills. Just after a few minutes I noticed movement up over the hill. There were a few animals standing there. When I got a bit closer they looked like White Tailed Deer to me. I wanted to take a photo and this time I had my Samsung digital camera on me. This was my last resort because I had lost the Sony which had been with me for over 5 years, but I realized that the batteries were dead! I stated running because I was running out of time and I guess that caused the damn camera falling off my pocket and I lost the second camera in the past 6 months!
Anyways I got as close as I could because shortly after I started running up, they noticed and took steps back. I used my mobile phone and took a few photos. The best one can be seen below! Nothing is clear. You only can see three brown spots! Those are the hungry and cold animals!
(Photo: This could be a chalenge for someone to find the deers in this photo!)  

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