Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 11th Year

Today marks my 11th year in Canada. There has been bad and good moments, like everyone else but one thing that I wanted to specifically address here in today's post is how many times I have moved so far. The list bellow show the places that I have lived so far:
1- North East Part of Calgary.
2- Downtown Calgary in the vicinity of 17th Ave. SW and 17h A. St.
3- In the neighbourhood of Hubalta Road in South East part of Calgary.
4- In the area of Queensland Dr. of Calgary in South East.
5- Around Chinook Shopping Mall in Calgary, just a few minutes walk.
6- In Coquitlam, British Columbia. That was a big jump!
7- In Squamish, British Columbia, another big jump but not as big as the previous one!
8- Back to Coquitlam, British Columbia for a very short time, may be a month or a little longer.
9- In Surrey, British Columbia.
10- Moved to White Rock, British Columbia.
11- Went Back to Surrey in the same province again!
12- Took a big leap and went back to Calgary lives for a week or so in 4th Ave. Northeast, Just a few minutes drive from Downtown.
13- Went up to the Northeast part of Calgary again and stayed around 2 months, I guess.
14- Returned to Downtown Calgary around 26th Ave.
15- And now I am here!
One would have gone crazy, if had not been as strong as I am but I admit that this much moving cost me many things. Not recommended!
(Photo: There is no celebration or any other ceremony and this cake is not here. I just like the photo and thought it was not a bad idea to use it here. Thanks to however that has taken it. May be I will have a celebration in the coming years if life shows me a better face)

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