Thursday, November 15, 2012

Risking Without Thinking

There is no doubt that in every business there is an inherent risk. At times I think to myself whether there is a secure job that the person actually can have ease of mind and live in peace!? May be years ago when the world was not in such mess and population was not this big. I can not recall anyone from my family, from both mother's and father's side, ever having any job problem until my generation. Even when I was graduated it was not so hard to find a job that you wanted to stay, regardless of the fact that the salary was barely satisfactory. Now the good jobs are scarce and the stable businesses are not seen easily.
A few month back I noticed this new coffee shop in Downtown on my way back home from work. The minute I saw it I realized that it was a bad step taken. A Tim Horton's is just 2 minutes walking distance from it and there is adjacent Mac's which everyone know that supplies coffee as well. Not to mention 17th Ave. where there are tons of coffee shops. From the independent ones that I saw it last Sat. had opened in place of an old Convenience Store ran by Chinese to McDonald's, Tim Horton's again, Wave Coffee, etc. So what were you guys thinking when you opened this place!? Have you had your brain with you when you decided to open up this new business!?
In addition to that the location is on a one way street were there is barely any parking spot available or the if it is available either is occupied by the locals or its  a paid parking spot. So rather than locals, who I believe have already made themselves with the other similar businesses in the neighbourhood, would anyone else go there for a relaxed time with a cup of Joe?
I guess the same story applies to the other one which you see a photo of this on the right. For years there was this old store at this corner. At least I remember 10 years of it! Now they have opened this new Analog Coffee Shop in there and quite surprisingly there were people in there but these businesses always send invitations to family members and friends to have the place occupied and at times packed for the first few days and even weeks just to attract customer and then if it is successful they go by the flow. Otherwise they shut it down. coffee shops here in Canada, some of them as I have seen, they are hang out place. So the people who don't want to get together regularly in a bar and drink alcohol as much, they gather in coffee shops, even for meetings and once a cafe is recognized in that way, it remains in the business. So may be that is why some of them come up with this idea of opening a new coffee shop. I used to spend a lot of time in Tim Horton's and even now I go to McDonald's whenever I get a chance to read my book because there I am away from movies and Internet! But still if it was me who wanted to open up a new business, I would try to bring something new to the neighbourhood. Something that people actually want to see differently from the other restaurants and businesses because if it is not unique it will end up like the one at the left!
(Photo: The coffee shop for sale which only survived a few weeks and on right the new one opened at one busy corner of 17th Ave. SW)

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