Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Party 2012

It was a bit hard to get to the hotel where the 2012 Christmas party had been held. I started calling the damn cab company at about 04:15 PM and had no success until 06:10 PM that I decided to stop dialing. Then we went down and got the engine started. A taxi cab showed at the door before I have the engine warmed up. So I got out and I asked if he was waiting for someone and apparently he was just dropping his buddy, the day shift guy and had just taken over. So we got lucky and were there not too late. For that, I'm hopping Checker has a valid answer! How is it possible that I tried their number for over an hour without one single successful connection while their drivers were driving freely around the town! I would be ashamed and reevaluate my entire system.
Anyway this year's party felt better to me. I did not have to put up with the assholes that I see them on daily basis in the office. Most of them were not there. The food was good and drinks were flowing! In fact I drank too much. This time after a few glasses of red and white wine I tried Whiskey on rocks and it was very good before the dinner because my stomach was empty and I felt overjoyed and relaxed! I tired it several more times after the dinner and was not bad. The bartender once gave me a shot of Bourbon and that was awful and I told her that. So she switched back to my regular! We danced a bit and chatted and unlike last year we left at around 11:40 PM. I got lucky that I did not throw up because after we got home I felt really bad in my stomach and could not sleep for a few hours! My mouth was dried because of too much alcohol I had drunk, I guess! But I managed top control a major flow of puke!
(Photo: The main entrance of the hotel where the party was held)

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