Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gen. Schwarzkopf Passed Away

I just realized last night that General Norman Schwarzkopf had passed away on Dec. 27th. This weblog by no means is a news blog but I could not ignore this.
I became familiar with the General right after the war ended in Kuwait in 1992 when I still lived in the old country. I became familiar through his book, It Doesn't Take A Hero. Then I waned to know if what had been translated is true. So I bought the book shortly after coming to Canada and read parts of it. I really enjoyed how the General tells his life's story from the time that he was a child and his father had to leave for Europe, to the time that he was in the process of joining the US Army and the difficulties and struggles.
His father, Norman Sr. was sent to Iran shortly after the Second World War and that is the favorite part of the book when he describes the old Tehran to you.
I have not unfortunately finished the book yet but whatever I have read has been interesting very much and it's highly recommended. It's one of those book which never gets old. Schwarzkopf was 78.
(Photo: Schwarzkopf with his family in Tehran, his two sister, Mom and Dad. There is a Persian carpet on the floor and a Persian rug on the wall. As well a hand-crafted table cloth from Isfahan on the coffee table as well as other Iranian handicrafts. Schwarzkopf was between 11 and 13 at the time, I guess)

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