Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Camp Life (6): Working in Cold

I had heard stories of the temperature going down in northern Canada while people had to work. This time I got the chance to experience it just during the walking. I admit that I did not have much on but the guys who were actually working are covered pretty well. I had a pair of jeans and nothing but a briefs underneath. On the trunk I had a pullover and a regular winter jacket on the top and I had my hard hat and other safety gears on me. If the wind is not blowing, there will be not much problem. When the wind blows then that could be a son of a bitch because it works like a knife on your skin. On one occasion I had to put a Monkey Hat or as some call it here a Balaclava (Not Baklava!) Then you will be fine. Otherwise no work will be done and the whole work should be shut down for 4 months or so!
(Photo: Outside temperature reads -28 °C. This was taken at 09:54 AM and did not have a significant change during the day) 

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