Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Cross Country Skiing in the City!

I used this opportunity in the afternoon of today, the first day of 2014, to have a walk in Glenmore Park, beside its the reservoir. Nice, sunny and warm day and although I started my walk at around 12:25 PM there were not many people in the park. I started from Heritage Park and then crossed Glenmore Tr. and went close to the dam, the damn dam! There was too much snow but it was plowed to the side so there was not a problem. Anywhere else it would have been a nightmare just like last Fri. in Baldy Pass. I tried! The wise way was the way a few guys where following: Doing Cross Country Skiing! Good exercise and fun too! I wish I had a pair of those or at least Snowshoes. I'm bored with just walking, jogging or hiking!
(Photo: Cross Country Skiing beside the frozen Glenmore Reservoir. There is too much snow and you can't go without those things. I tried! This guys are smart walking besides the bank as you don't know whether the ice will break or not)

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