Friday, August 01, 2014

Radjoot Restaurant

The 4th Street SW area of Calgary is a dining neighbourhood. There are many restaurants and businesses in there and we had tried only one until last week. We had wanted to try this East Indian restaurant called Radjoot for a long time and we got the chance finally. It was a good experience when we tried their lunch buffet. I hope it remains the same and I am sure I will go back next time I'm in the mood of East Indian food. 
I have compared this restaurant with another East Indian which is only 10 min. drive away, Surya. I don't even consider Royal India for comparison because that's a garbage restaurant ran by a phony! 
There are 16 factors in the tables and Radjoot beats Surya with 3 score difference higher. I hope their business stays up and running and does go downhill. I also hope that they do not consider any unreasonable price increase.
(Photo: In this table there are 16 factors which Radjoot (R.) and Surya (S.) restaurants are compared, based on them. Two factors in Staff category are non-applicable since we were there for the buffet hour and no waiter or waitress served us)

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