Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Our Christmas Gala

The company announced that there would be a Christmas Gala this week and lunch would be served. Why not? As long as food is not as awful as what we ate at the Christmas dinner, I'll participate. 
We were working and it was announced that the lunch is available and everyone was invited. I joined everyone else in the break room and surprisingly the lunch was good! 
The pretty Chinese girl came up to me and said: This part of the table is for you because you don't eat meat!!! This girl is so pretty that you just want to see watch her talking but I don't know how she has gotten the idea that I don't eat meat! I looked and it was a giant Vegetable Warp and it really was good! There were Pizza as well and I realized that they have all been ordered from Senior's Pizza. The only problem with the Warp was too much dressing which if I go there ever, I will ask them to go easy on. The Pizza was not bad although they, I don't think, offer Whole Wheat Crust and I secretly grabbed 2 or 3 slices and ate them because I would later all the sugar during the day. 
One of the Vietnamese workers had brought a sort of desert which was really good. It was made from Taro Root and a few other ingredients and it was really good. I guess it could be called Taro Pudding in English. 
I was so full that when I got home, I only had an Apple! Some people had brought gifts and there was a draw! I felt good that I had not brought anything because what if I don't want my gift to go to an asshole whom I dislike! The pretty Chinse girl (I have to find a good nickname for her) asked why I had not bring any gift and I told her the reason why. She said: No problem. Next year! 
Anyways it was a good time with the coworkers and we shared good food and laughs. It's very important for me at work. 
(Photo: The Taro dessert or Taro Pudding which I don't know its original name. I don't know what those small globes[!] are. I do know that its tasty and fattening as well!)

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