Sunday, February 16, 2020

Disgusted in a Supermarket

I was at a Safeway supermarket a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I entered a movement by a female-like security shit caught my eyes. The disgusting animal walked up to a bin in Bulk Section, reached into the bin, grabbed an item (looked like a Brittle snack), broke it, put one piece back and the other in her filthy mouth! I was so disgusted by this animal that I was going to walk up to her and punch her in the ugly face!
I had to do something! So I walked up to a guy in uniform who was putting items on a shelf. I asked him if he was the Store Manager and he said that he was an assistant. I told him and he said something like he would talk to her! I went home and I wrote to Safeway Customer Service.
I noticed a missed call a few days after that. The call was from a District Manager of Safeway. He apologized to me and added that the shithead Security Guard woman-like creature, who by the way looked like East Indian, would be transferred to another location and after she has a conversation about what she had done! 
Is that the freaking solution?! I go to the supermarket and the motherf*cker is there! I write back to the Customer Service and then the District Manager called again! I don't respond this time because that's ridiculous! The next time I go there she's not there but how could someone be so disgusting to do something like that?! Even hoboes when take something, they don't put half of that back! Piece of shit!
(Photo: Security guards are even less valuable and effective than a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch!) 

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