Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Good Credit Score

I had an appointment with my bank today. Wanted to see if I would be eligible for a home loan or not! Can you freaking believe this? Living in this country for over 15 years and still a loser tenant! People buy property after 2 years they land in Canada
I went to a bank with The Lady back in 2012 but she eventually opposed to purchasing a property in Calgary, citing the weather. Here I'm now, a big loser, who embarrasses himself in front of the Mortgage Specialist by telling him his ridiculous wage! The fact is I'm not making even half of what I used to make back in 2012! Not even close to half! And now have to go and get a freaking " Letter of Employment " which is another embarrassment! 
One thing that he said me, tough, is that I have a good Credit Score, over 820! It considered very good actually. I'm determined to buy something in the city outskirts. I know I can't afford anything is a nice and quiet neighbourhood of the city. Besides I'm trying to avoid the disgusting traffic which I hear on the radio everyday, as well as certain neighbourhoods! 
I know it'd a rick but I have no choice. I'm losing my health, sanity, everything! These apartments and high rises in the city they all have at least one or more problem:

1) Motherfucker drunkards
2) Disgusting asshole drug addicts
3) Hairy pets
4) Late parties
5) Disgraceful, motherfucker rednecks
6) Stinking animals who barely take a bath or shower
7) Pathetic losers who let, support and sympathies with hobos and let them in

Now I have to see if the company issues that freaking " Letter of Employment " or not and go from there. Maybe I can rescue myself from this deep hole that I have been in for years! 

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