Saturday, February 08, 2020

From the Youngest to (one of) the Oldest

When I joined the nasty, disgusting, racist, illiterate, ignorant a*holes in that so-called Engineering firm(!) back in 2011, I was amongst the youngest in the company. Perhaps there were not more than a handful of people who were younger than me. I also was one of the most experienced, the mostly trained and the most educated of all and I'm not exaggerating. 
The company basically consisted of a bunch of hungry Eastern European as*holes who were fucked by the fake Communist regimes for decades and then somehow found their way to Canada and got hired! I eventually got kicked out (laid off) of there back in 2015.
Now I've been doing a shit job which is basically a survival kit! I'm only lucky that I got no debt. Not a Penny. I also am happy that I'm not a drunkard, a smoker, not even cigarette, let alone weed that is everyone's pride in the great country of Canada, not a gambler and not an out-eater. That's how I survive.
Having said that, I was called to the office a few days ago and here there were: The supervisor, the team leader and the representative of the manager. It was the end of my probation and I didn't think they would consider that so serious but they had! They presented me with an evaluation paper and told me that I had been doing well. I thanked them all and indicated that it would not have happened, had it not because of their help and guidance. They also handed me a benefit form and told me that there would be a wage increase. The number that the supervisor named me is not even as much as I used to be paid back in 2018 but what can I do? We have some overtime now but we were told that the overtime soon will be slashed! I guess in this economy that unemployment and underemployment is high, I have to be very careful. I heard that one of the big Cannabis companies has just laid off 400 employees! I don't know what the hell these idiots are doing! With this shit Cannabis stores popping up everywhere in the city, I wonder why these as*holes are having difficulty making people more stupid! 

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