Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Very Delicious Broccoli Soup

Nothing tastes better than a bowl of delicious soup in these cold Alberta winter days (currently -23 ℃ or  -10 ℉) but when the soup is very tasty you'd eat it, or perhaps I should say drink it(!) even cold!
I made a big pot of Broccoli Soup and it was quite a treat! It's a simple soup to make and simple to have because there's no chowing! So if you have some chewing problem because of age(!) or a dental treatment, this also is the soup for you! 

What you need:

1) 1 big Russet Potato
2) 1 medium Onion
3) 3 cups Broccoli
4) Half cup Cream
5) 6 cups Chicken Broth

How to make it:

1) Fry onion and then add the potato in small cubic pieces and brown them.
2) Add the Chicken Broth. I never buy this item from supermarkets. I always buy a few pieces of Chicken, add Salt, Pepper and Onion and cook and use the Broth.
4) Add Broccoli in cut pieces and eventually add some Salt and Pepper
5) Bring to a simmer until the Potatoes and Broccolis are tender.
6) Transfer everything to a big bowl (like the one I have in the picture) or to your blender.
7) Use hand blender or your standing blender and blend the soup. It will be a smooth and green colour nice liquid!
8) Add the Cream and mix.
7) Add Salt, Pepper and Nutmeg to taste.

I enjoyed this soup very much. I hope you do as well.
(Photo: My big bowl of Broccoli Soup)

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