Monday, July 21, 2003


I wrote the APEGGA exam. today in the morning finally. It was not a hard one. Not at all. Just have to remember all the phrases and technical terms. But I don't think I can pass it! I may write it again. May be not. Depends.
It's hot as hell here today. Must be ... I don't know... Let me take a look at the weather. It says it's 27 ˚C. But I think it depends on where you are. I may go for a ride in a quarter. I went for a ride the day before and was not bad. I took the trail which follows the Bow River in the north bank. It passes the Calgary Zoo then goes to the north after Deerfoot Trail when you reach Nose Creek, should take a left to Nosehill Environmental Park and that's the end of your ride. Unless you wanna have more fun there.
Every time I have to use that damn Sunblock and it's ridiculous because you have to apply it 30 min. before you start your ride!!!