Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Movies and more Movies

I haven't written here for a week or more. It was a really tough weeks, the last two. I went to Stampede with keiv and it was nice. Took some photos. I try to put some of them here after development and scanning, of course. And last Sat. went and caught a movie: T3: Raise of the Machines. Interesting. But not as good as the previous ones, I believe. I would like to watch it again tough! It worth $13.95 especially when somebody drive you to Paramount Chinook and drive you back home!: Keiv If everything goes well, I'll go to catch new movie of Rovan Atkinson, Johnny English and Bruce Almighty which is the last work of Jim Carrey.
(Photo: In order to make the last part of the series as interesting as the previous ones, even better, the producers decided to use a pretty girl, Kristanna Loken, as the Terminator but that didn't help much)