Monday, July 28, 2003

Sick and Tired of Career Hunting!

I'm tired of this damn job hunting. No phone call. I don't understand this. I've to wait for the other educations, I guess, but what about the gap? Should I lie as much as I can? Like what Kami does? No other way, I think.
Forget to say that there was a very strong damn wind from northeast the day I went to Nosehill. It was killing me. That's the way it usually blows in Calgary, may be in Canada.
I found M. K. on the net a couple of days ago and chat with her for awhile. Cute, young girl. Don't mistaken her with M. T., my former colleague in Iran. She stopped sending me mails after Norooz. I don't know why. I sent her an e-card for her birthday. No reply again.

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