Sunday, October 05, 2003

How Extraordinary and Unpredictable Are Some Girls?

Let me tell you what interesting has happened since I started a new life here. I wrote about an East Indian girl from Edmonton who found me on the net and insisted me to call her. She was very interested. First she, Renay, was very passionate and encouraged me to move to Edmonton and asked me to send her my resume and said that she helps me to get a job there, sent me kisses and talked about love and marriage and asked for my photos. She were supposed to come to Calgary to visit me. But after a short time, she became a completely different person. Although she continued calling me but didn't show that first interest, never. I guess she found an East Indian guy there in Edmonton or her ex-boyfriend called her or found somebody. from Fiji. That's how most of girls are. They just come to u when u have big money, a luxury car and u r available, especially when they need somebody to have sex with.
Also there was a very nice and pretty Persian girl in L. A. who I used to talk to her last year on the net and sometimes on the phone. Sara, used to send me kisses and hugs and talking of coming over Calgary in summer. But when found that I don't have a car, (I didn't have one last year) and I don't have a good job, stooped talking to me. She lied about everything, like what Renay did. But she was very kind, nice and pretty Persian girl.