Monday, March 08, 2004

An Al-Qaeda Family; Do You Believe This Story?

There was a documentary on CBC last week for two nights. Abdul-Rahman Khadr who came to Canada last Oct. and claimed he has been recently released by Americans from Guantánamo, Cuba, and denied any relationship with Al-Qaeda, told another story, a full long one, which took almost 2 hours.
A. R. (Stands for Abdul-Rahman from now on) said once to the reporters that he was trained not in an Al-Qaeda camp, but in an Al-Qaeda related camp!!! Obviously it’s nonsense and might just be used to fool Canadians and Americans and such people ‘cause everybody knows there’s no difference between these two terms.
The documentary sets in two places, A. R.’s Mom and sister (Zaynab) in Islam-Abad and A. R. in Toronto.
First of all he claimed that his father, who was killed by Pakistani troops, last Oct. was a very close friend to Osama Bin-Laden and they used to live in a compound with Bin-Laden’s family in late 90’s. He also said that his father fought against Russians in 80’s with Bin-Laden and other Muslims. Second he told the reporter that although he loved his father but he didn’t like what he used to do. His Mom and sister, mostly correlate with what A. R. said.
Shortly after Taliban got kicked out of Afghanistan by Northern Alliance and Americans’ effort, all Al-Qaeda members and families fled from major cities, mostly Kandahar, which was Taliban's capital as its closeness to Pakistan, and went to tribal areas in Pakistani-Afghan border.
The day Pakistani troops surrounded Ahmad Said, A. R.’s father and his allies, which ended to his death, two of his sons were with him, Karim and Abdullah. Karim got shot in his spine during that 12 hour firefight and now is in a hospital in Pakistan, paralyzed from the waist down. Abdullah escaped from the scene and he is still at large.
The other son, Omar was shot by Americans, lost one eye sight, is now in Guantánamo, Cuba. A. R. himself, as he said, was captured by Americans when Taliban regime collapsed and stayed in Kabul, helping CIA and showing safe houses and guest houses of Al-Qaeda. Then he was sent to Camp X-ray in Guantánamo to spy on other inmates. After months staying there, Americans found him useless and decided to send him to Sarajevo to track Al-Qaeda recruitment for Iraq. But he said he was sick and tired of doing this job, although was being paid fair enough by CIA. He came back to Canada after making CIA promise not to reveal what he has done for them and that’s the end of the story.
What do you think? I, personally don’t believe him. They put him on lie-detector machine and he passed but I don’t trust that machine. How could he reveal his role as a CIA agent while he promised them? Are they goin’ to let him go? What would be the reaction of Muslim community of Canada to this? Is he known as a traitor? Or a double-agent? What will Al-Qaeda do, after knowing his role as a spy for Americans in Afghanistan? How does his Mom and sister, his brother, Abdullah who is at large now, his brother Karim, who is in Americans’ custody in Guantánamo and the other brother Omar in Pakistani hospital react to his story? Do they forgive him?
(Photo: The map shows where the US naval base of Guantanamo is located)