Saturday, March 27, 2004

Beef Jerky

I remember the first days I came to Canada I used to go to a Mac’s convenience store with The Brave, where a Pakistani middle aged man, Tariq runs it. He's a good man, a geologist who had to retire early because of a problem with his heart. I saw things, packed and vacuumed, looks like fruit bar we have in Iran, called Lavashak and I also bought in Damascus once, but a bit thicker.
I found out what it was later but just tried some today, Beef Jerky. Andrew F. offered me some and it’s really tasty. It’s jerked beef and as I said vacuumed. Jerked mean it’s given sudden trust or push. You can find it with different flavors. The product is expensive as we found, almost $6 for a 80 g. pack but it worth it. I know it’s usual in Iran and may be some other countries to keep meat ready to eat while there’s no special place to keep it like a fridge. I’ll buy some next time I go to Safeway.
(Photo: I randomly selected this photo of vacuumed Jerky from Internet and put it here)