Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Elena, the gorgeous Russian angel usu. writes me every day unless she’s not in her hometown, that's mostly when she goes to visit her grandma. I still don’t know where she lives. It could be somewhere close to Moscow. Today she responded to my e-mail, where I asked how her travel was and the interesting thing is she always writes from a cyber-café.
What is written by her is interesting and also strange. It’s indicated that they jump over bonfires and they believe that the bad things of them transfer to the fire by doing this. We, Iranians have the same belief and celebrate the last Wed. of our solar year and jump over bonfire exactly like them and say: I want your colour red comes to me and want my colour yellow goes to you, which colour red of the fire denotes health and wealth and colour yellow of the human symbolizes sickness, unhappiness and distressfulness. The said ceremony called Chahar-Shanbe-Suri which is 2 weeks from now.

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