Sunday, March 21, 2004

Norooz (2004)

It's Norooz today here in this side of the globe and it was yesterday in Iran. I received e-mails from my cousins Mehrdad and Kamran but didn't send many to my friends as I'm so bored. I just sent one to that girl in Down Under, Parastoo and she replied very shortly. Also one was sent to my previous love(!), Sara in L. A. but haven't received a response from her yet.
In the afternoon sent e-mails to my grand-cousins (If I may say) F. R. in IN. and F. S. in Waterloo (In fact he's my double grand cousin!) and also one to my Canadian fella Andrew, describing a bit of Norooz to him.
I didn't even call home(!), my cousin in Vancouver and many other friends, around. Keiv, Hekmat (The Esfahani man) and also R. T. called me but I didn't pick the phone!
This is considered one of the worst Norooz that I've ever had.
Note: Distant cousin is the correct term for a son or daughter of a cousin. (Feb. 06)