Saturday, August 21, 2004

Alien vs. Predator

I went to Chinook and caught Alien vs Predator last Sun. No! That was not what I expected to be! Not at all. It was just OK. I got some points about the movie:
1- There's no famous actor and actress in the movie. Sigourney Weaver was nominated for best actress by the Academy in 1986 for acting in Aliens and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a great performance in Predator but none of them and not any other actor or actress from previous movies r in this one.
2- Whoever wins ... We'll lose. This is what is said in the movie trailer. But we don't see that in the movie. Aliens are defeated and predators are gone. The earth and the people, actually are the real winners of the battle and that's all as the outcome.
3- As the director or screenwriter tends to make the movie more exciting and thrilling, he has, I'd say, presented new weapons to predator. A javelin, a special kind which extends from both sides and a throwing weapon which performs like a boomerang. These are new weapons to audience and haven't seen in previous parts. It implies that the ordinary weapons of predator are not good enough to fight Alien and defeat it. Besides that why Aliens are not armed with new weapons. You may say that's what the director or screenwriter wants but they should not go far what is ordinary and expected from the public.
4- In the concluding scene of the movie we see that the old Predator, who looks to be the leader, presents a javelin to the only survivor, the black girl (She's cute!). Comparing human and Predator sizes, that javelin can not even be handled by a human of size of that little young lady (Sanna Lathan) ! No matter how brave and trained she is!
(Photo: The Predator. What we see in Alien vs. Predator is a little bit different from the original one)

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