Thursday, August 19, 2004


the 25th Summer Olympic games started 6 days ago in Athens, Greece and of course Iran and Canada has sent their athlete to the game. Arash Miresmaeili, two times world Judo champion in 66 Kg class, missed a good opportunity by refusing to face with Israeli opponent. He claimed he's overwight but that was just an unacceptable excuse. I know he had to do this as was ordered by Iranian officails but I think it was much more better to face the guy and beat him up. Iran hasn't gain any medal but there's still hope as weightlifters and werstlers haven't started yet. Besides that there's another chance in Judo, tonight. Miran will chalenge in 100 Kg class. Canada has won one bronze medal in Women's Synchronized high board. In women's water Polo also Canadians beat Americans, 6-5. That was a very amazing game. They were behind 5-1 in last intermission but won finally.
(Photo: Arash, in white, has missed a juicy opportunity for an olympic medal)

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