Sunday, August 29, 2004

The 25th is Over

Iran finished 2 (Gold), 2 (Silver), 2 (Bronze) =6, Canada is 3, 6, 3 = 12. Alireza Heidarei and Masoud Jokar gained a silver in 96 and a bronze in 60 Kg classes of free-style wrestling. Nobody won a gold medal, unfortunately. Americans didn't win even one single medal in free-style! Heidari defeated his black American opponent and Jokar lost to Cuban wrestler. Iran is the 22nd in the final standing of 25th modern Olympic, Athens 2005.
I believe that Iran could gain more medals including at least 2 more in wrestling, 2 more in weightlifting, and 2 more in Judo but many factors r involved here. I'll write about that in coming days.

(Photo: Heidari helps Daniel Cormier after winning bronze in 96 Kg class of free-style wrestling)

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