Friday, August 27, 2004

The Second Medal: Gold Again!

I'm very happy today. Hadi Saei gained the second medal for Iran. The medal possessed in 68 Kg class of Tae Kowan Do. Although 2 free-style wrestler of Iran, including Dabir, the golden guy in Sydney Olympics are eliminated but there's still hope for more medals including 120 Kg class where Ali Reza Rezai has won his 3 matches.
There's a very interesting news today: USA Basketball team comprising NBA stars lost to Argentina, 81-89 and deprived of the final game for gold. They have also lost to Puerto Rico and Lithuania.
I also heard that Masud Hashem-Zadeh who stands fourth in 96 Kg class of Greek-Roman is now crossed out from the Olympic archive and he no longer holds that rank in that class because of what he did after the referee announced the Turkish wrestler as the winner of bronze. It's said that he first left the mat and then when his coach sent him back, he bumped his punch on referees desk! He was obviously angry and frustrated for losing the medal and also he believed that the referees erred in the first point given to the Turkish wrestler.

(Photo: Hadi seen here with his gold medal of Athens, has also won a bronze in Sydney 2000)

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