Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Quality Needs of an Organization

As I failed CQE exam (Damn me!) I have to write it again and I started studying this week. The interesting topic I was just reading is the quality needs in an organization. I explain what I get from the text:
There are different ways to find out what the quality needs of an organization are, obviously. Surveys, department meetings, interviews, focus groups and external benchmarking. Focus group is an assemblage of persons who gather to determine the needs of the department. benchmarking is determining the needs using a specific method and a rival's information or data. (For more information on benchmarking go to the books offered by ASQ)
If the departments come to QC for more needs, you should know what their needs are. QC forward the following information to them, so they are able to formulate their needs:
  • Company vision, mission statement and quality policy.
  • Emergence of new competitors, product lines, markets
  • Status of customer complaints, returns and warranty claims
  • Results of customer surveys and mailings
  • Planned productivity improvements, cycle time reductions
  • Highlights of new quality and manufacturing approaches
  • In-house scrap, rework, defective rates, waste reduction
  • Effects of quality systems (For example ISO, MBNQA, QS 9000,...)

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