Sunday, November 07, 2004


I called Renay, the East Indian girl from Edmonton today (I mean yesterday 'cause it's about 12:55 AM now!) It made me so happy. She's so sweet, with a very warm, smooth and pleasing voice and lovely accent. We did kind of break up last year. She got upset over me as I called her my dear! She asked me no to call her that as her ex-boyfriend, who left her, used to do that. I told her that she has to forget him but it made it worse. So I asked her not to call me again or e-mail me. I sent her a card for her birthday, though! But she never replied back. Last week I invited her to Orkut. Although she didn't join but she replied back and asked me to call her and I did yesterday. I told her that I was goin' to see her. And she OK'd. I told her that I'd be there but not just for a cup of coffee (That's what she said last year when I was goin' there and I didn't finally) She said OK, We'd go for movie and dinner and...
God! I'm so happy. She's great and only 24. I'll be there only for her.

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