Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I don't know what the hell is wrong with Blogger as I can not access to my posts. Therefore I'm writing what I was gonna write yesterday and was not able to.
It's been 3 f**king years that I've been living in the cold country, Canada and the question is what I've done and what I'm gonna do? The following categories arr the ones that I review myself according to them:


Social life

In Education category I'm a complete loser (Like the other ones! you'll see!). In a couple of month after my arrival, I started an ESL Advanced Level II course in U of C and that was not too bad. I learned something and found new friends but lost all of 'em as usual! There was a very sweet Korean girl that I took her to lunch once but she got upset over me and I never saw her again! I even earased her e-mail address from my address book and don't even have a photo of her! There was also my good Chinese friend, Dr. Quping Hu. He moved to Toronto and lives there with his family happily and has a good career, of course.
I attended SAIT after that and was very hopeful to get a good job, immediately (Stop dreaming!) but it never happened. The certificate costs me almost $4000. The programm was a complete disaster! ...Well may be not that bad. There were 8 courses: Quality Planning, Supervision, Reliability, Quality in design, Statistics, SPC, Quality Auditing and Metorology. There were at least one f**king problem with each f**king instructor!
The instructor for Quality planning was not instructor at all! I had a couple of arguments with that asshole (She's a single mother, like most of f**king Canadian bitches!) She doesn't even know the basics of quality but what could I do?! Just arguing! And finally that motherf**ker stupid, bitch, redneck gave me a shity score! I can instruct better than her! I wrote a letter to the f**king institute's CEO (Or whatever that f**k he or is!) but received a bullshit reply, of course! Amy (the instructor) asked me a few times to go to her office to see her and get the answer of my questions but I never did, although I knew she's a single mother but was not hopeful to get anything from her.
Supervision (The real title of the course is something else but don't remember exactly and doesn't really matter here!) was instructed by a fat bombshell! What she did is just reading the f**king book and flirting with a f**king Canadian stud, presumably, from Canmore! and kept saying that she f**king loves f**king Chinese cuisine (I don't know why I didn't say: I give a shit to what you like or dislike you fatass!). So what I did was I almost didn't attend the class after 3 or 4 first ones! and of course passed it! I'll tell you what I did with one of the homework assignments! Great job!
Reliability which was something new for me and I must have shown interest. It was instructed by a f**king stupid Polish guy who works for Nortel. He used to say The aaa... before almost everything he wanted to say. I didn't get much from this course. Besides that there was not a book as a reference to follow and the last two classes changed to Safety which was instructed by a very pretty tall and slim young Canadian lady. There were two Indian guys in the front seats and they used to gaze at her with wide open mouth! What can you learn about safety in just 2 classes?!
Statistics was taught by a fat Canadian guy, Steve, who works for Canada post and actually that was a good guy. If he knew something he would try to explain it in the best way and if he didn't apologized and said he would find out and discuss it in the next class. He also was the instructor for SPC in the next semester. Consequently he was OK.
There was a Chinese little guy called K. K. Wong as the instructor for Quality Auditing and he was among the good instructors compare to the other f**kers!
Inspection and Gauging was the other course which basically comprises theory and workshop, both. The theory was easy for me but workshop not that much as I barely understood what the instructor said but that was alright though.
Quality in Design. My God! That was a mess! There was a potbellied originally from Ottawa who works for GE Energy and that was among the disastrous courses I've ever had. Here we are the students in the class. An Indian guy who was most of the time asleep in the class and snoring! I had to nudge him. An Old Filipino woman who even didn't know what a catapult was! An ugly Romanian woman (Most of them are! regardless of gender) who barely spoke English. A Persian-Indian man who had been recently moved to Calgary from somewhere in the States!!

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