Monday, December 20, 2004


Resurrect brought few sachets of instant beverages, couple of weeks ago, coffee and hot chocolate. But a special one. It has Ganoderma in it, made in Malaysia. I tried the coffee and that was so good. I've tried different coffees here: Tim Horton's is awful most of the time and I wonder how people drink it. Its decaf is tolerable. I like McDonald's. Second Cup and Starbucks are good both but I haven't tried them very much. Besides they are expensive compare to the other ones I mentioned earlier.
So I asked Resurrect to tell his friend, a Chinese-Malaysian girl to bring more and I bought 2 boxes. Last Sun. she called me and she asked whether or not I'm interested in getting in to the business of Ganoderma products and she said that there would be a presentation on Mon. about that. I told her that I love the coffee and I'll be there.
I went there and ... God! that girl, Victoria, is marvelous. I actually like Orientals and that's the extreme, in my view: Tall, slim, with a very nice smile, smart, lovely, amiable and more. We talked and finally I helped her to take her stuff to her apartment, a penthouse in level 25 of a tower in Downtown! We talked a little bit more and as it was late and she was tired I asked her out and we'll meet the coming Sat. besides that she invited me to a party, in the house of a couple who attended the presentation and are already in the business, on Sat. evening. That's so great. She's 29 and in Feb (I guess 14th, I don't remember, have to ask her again) she'll turn 30. This is the great opportunity for me.
(Photo: A sachet of Ganoderma instant coffee)

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