Saturday, December 25, 2004

What Is Really Wrong!?

Victoria called me for another presentation last Wed. and I attended but I think I messed up everything because she withdrew her invitation for today! Obviously not by calling me. Only by not calling me back! We were supposed to meet and go to a party but ... God damn me!
I didn't do anything. Just said that this business is not gonna work. I said it's like the one I attended last year with Al. The way I left her was nice and she asked me to call her again.
So I did call her today in the morning but she didn't answer. I went for a ride and saw her in Bow River Pathway, walking with a guy! God! I'm sure she recognized me too 'cause no idiot go for cycling in -2 ÂșC where everywhere is icy and slippery in Calgary! I guess I lost her, like every gal I've been with. She didn't return my call and I don't think I'm gonna call her again. May be when I finish my second box of coffee sachets. What a nice Christmas day!
By the way my ride took about 01:44:05 and was a good one and I enjoyed it.


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