Monday, December 13, 2004


I called Renay last night and found out she was waiting for me. That's so pleasing! But you know girls ...They're all unpredictable and moody! Once they like you ... The other time don't even look at you. So I decide to go and I will, for sure.
I'm also trying to convince my mechanic friend, A. Palani to go to Edmonton together. If he agrees, he'll drive me all the way to the city. If he doesn't, I'll fly and then rent a car in there.
I called him last night too and we went to a bar for the first time in our friendship which has been for almost 3 years! He insisted to have something and ordered beer and wings.
Good Lord! I was so dizzy after drinking almost 4 mugs that I was not able to walk like a normal guy! And my stomach was full of meat and beer! I don't know how I drove home after A. dropped me at Marlborough Mall! I didn't sleep more than 1 hour and it was about 04:30 AM that I was sober and lucid. But my stomach was hurt until a min. ago that I used washroom for the 5th time today!

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