Sunday, December 05, 2004

Awful Feeling

I went to a massage studio last night to relax. That was a new one for me, I'm not goin' to write the name here but will issue the complete list later. Just after a few minutes she offered me what some girls do and is known as massage parlor. She is very pretty, young, petite girl, with very smooth skin, beautiful eyes and shiny brunette hair.
I felt really bad. Why does she have to do that? That's not good at all. She should have a husband, a good job, family and a normal life. Why? Of course she's an immigrant but I didn't realize her nationality. I didn't hear any special accent. She claims she's Spanish (not Hispanic) and said her name is Selina but I don't believe her. I know Spanish-speakers' accent. May be she's been living enough here to be able to change her accent.
...Whatever. Once I met a very nice girl in Downtown Sears. Her name is Serina, originally from a country in South America and was born in Manitoba. She's a Marathon runner. Beautiful, strong body, nice. I lost her like many others I did. So stupid! It shows that she's lied!
It's cold now. -15 ˚C. And the streets are so slippery. I slided a few times last night while I was driving and hit the curb once but gained control immediately. I have to buy insurance for my car as soon as possible. If I get into an accident, I'll be f**ked up! No insurance and no registration! God knows what will happen! I'll be in the world of shit, for sure!

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