Friday, March 04, 2005


I stopped talking to N. N. about 10 days ago, may be more. She was one of the girls that I was thinking of for marriage. She's the right one for me. She's kind of - I don't know how to describe that - inatractive girl, both in terms of charachteristics and feature. I'm fine with the feature if the girl is cool. For instance Victoria is not really a pretty girl (I wish I had a photo of her) but she's very attracitive. She got a very beautiful smile, she speaks English fluently with a very sweet accent, she got a very nice body and she's smart and a real athlete. So all the attributes mentioned attract you so much that u don't c anything wrong in her face. N. N. is not pretty nor active and attractive. Doesn't speack (well actually write!) English the way I axpected and is not into anything! Kind of really boring girl! But she literally relied on what I asked her: Marriage!
Now I focus on two girls: M. T., my former colleague in EIED and one of the most beautiful girls that anyone could have seen in his or her entire life and F. J., the young cute girl whom was found by Mom and I'm in touch with trough e-mail. P. K. was another choice for me but she's kind of low-class girl. I may write her story later.

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