Wednesday, March 30, 2005

600 Km for 68 min.!

I drove all the way to Edmonton for the second time in 2005. I was invited for the interview for a Quality Coordinator position. A lady from human resources and the guy who currently holds the position and is supposed to be moved to the lab, were the interviewers. That was a different interview from the last ones I had. Some of the questions they ask are:

1- What made you to study Industrial Engineering?
2- Why did you choose quality control or why did you switch to quality control field?
3- What’s your definition for quality?
4- Have you read the culture of our company (in the website)?
5- Why did you choose Calgary as a place for living?
6- Are you ready to relocate to Edmonton and if yes why are you going to relocate?
7- Why did you establish a metrology management system for the company? (It’s in your resume)
8- Are you familiar with Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing?

The following are my answers:

1- A friend of mine introduced the major to me, explained the courses and said what opportunities I would face and I was interested.
2- Industrial Engineering leads to different areas of expertise including Production management (Scheduling and planning), inventory management, time and motion study, project planning and management, quality control, material science, etc. As I had my final project with the instructor who is expertise in quality field, I was interested and started my career in that field.
3- Quality is conformance to requirements. This is what we must build in quality to satisfy our customer and comply with his or her requirements.
4- No! To be honest with you I just went through the location and products!
5- I used to be a student there for more than a year and I have friends in there and am a bit familiar with the neighborhoods. Besides this is the fastest growing city of Canada, good weather, job opportunities in manufacturing and oil and gas, good schools, etc.
6- I’m ready to move to Edmonton. I believe that Edmonton is a good place to live. A friend of mine who has been living here and is a student in U of A asked me to move here. She explained about all the job opportunities in here.
7- Metrology management system is one of the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard and also as we used to use different tolls and gauges for our inspection purposes, the management felt a need for that.
8- I’m familiar with the basics of Six-Sigma quality plan but haven’t used them practically. We had a plan for application of Lean Manufacturing tool box and were assessing the available resources, necessary funds and everything. As it’s a very long period process (Takes about 10 years to be practically in use) there were concerns about the current situation of the company while I left. So basically we were in feasibility study step when I resigned.

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