Friday, March 25, 2005

New Opportunities

I've applied for at least 3 good opportunities in Alberta recently, all in oil and gas industry and all in manufacturing. One of them, Black Cat Blades, called me yesterday afternoon when I was sleeping on the floor and woke me up! I jumped up and gazed at the Mobile's screen, was trying to find out who the hell it was!
As I found it's a call from Edmonton, preferred not to answer as I knew it's a career related call and I have to get ready for the questions. So I let it ring and thought they leave a message and I call them back and everything will be fine, but they didn't!
I checked my mail-box and read their message, led me to understand that my voice-mail system is not working! I just renewed my contract and the idiot didn't tell me, last week, that I should have reset my voice-mail system!
Therefore I e-mailed them and mentioned I would call them Mon. morning. Hopefully I don't lose this opportunity or the 2 others in here.

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