Saturday, March 26, 2005

Signs of Spring

I went for a ride yesterday at about 12:53 and returned after almost 2 hours. It was not bad, partly cloudy, and snow was melting but it was windy as usually it is! I was fine in my jersey and short but my toes and fingers was almost frozen, esp. my right hand. It was numb and God! bothered me a lot but as clouds were wiped away and sun started shining I felt a little bit better. You could see the signs of spring everywhere: Flocks of Canadian geese, ducks, squirrels and other kinds of birds and mammals. Calgary Zoo, as I went by, was crowded. Families brought kids and animals were out of the shelters. (I should go and see the Zoo this summer)
I was goin' to call and ask P. M. to join me but didn't, although I was almost close to his place.
(Photo: Canadian goose is a lovely and amiable bird. Every time I see one, I wanna jump, grab it and give it a kiss on its head and neck, but never has happened! They roam around freely everywhere, sleep and graze themselves and if you get too close to them they might attack you and force you back! It happened to me twice almost two years ago while cycling in their territory. At first I thought it happened accidentally but when occurred for the second time, found out that was something I should have expected when I crossed the border!)

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