Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bully in Lingerie

I had a stupid trip to West Vancouver the night before. I was goin’ to get a MS Project book from Indigo but when I got there, found it closed! They close at 07:00 Mom. to Wed. So I just returned to the Highway and drove to home and what a horrible ride! I’m no night driver. I was in hurry and was stopped once. But why I was in rush? I wanted to watch CBC and see what they say about Ahmadi-Nejad’s speech in Columbia University in NYC. He was invited to the school for a Q&A session regardless of all the opposition by especially Jews and some other Americans.
I have never been a fan of him or anyone from Islamic Republic but what the dean of the school did was out of question. Bollinger, whom is entitled the Bully in Lingerie by me, called Ahmadi-Nejad a dictator, uneducated, ignorant and so on. Regardless of whatever he is, this is not how you treat your guest. Ahmadi-Nejad was invited to CU by the people of CU, either the staff or the students. You could ask whatever you wanted and challenge him but that`s not nice to swear at him look down on him and make fun of him. Surprisingly, he didn`t retreat! He stayed and answered all the questions although what he did was just lying as usual.
But what is important is he didn`t get angry and didn`t left the hall, sat there like a gentleman with a smile and acted like a civilized, decent human being, even if that`s not what he really is.
On the other hand, the Bully in Lingerie lost the game. Apparently he did that because he had been told to act like that by Jews, the big community of people in the US who run almost everything. He knew that he would be kicked out of the school or in trouble, if he didn`t! So the winner of that Q&A session was Ahmadi-Nejad and I. R., not Jews, nor Americans!
Not to mention that Americans have been the source of most of the terrors and wars in past 200 years. Just give you a few examples: Mass murder of the Native Americans, Vietnam War, Shooting down the Iranian Airbus over Persian Gulf, Selling chemical weapons and other supplies to Iraq`s Saddam which then used against Iranian troops, dropping nuclear bomb on two Japanese cities in WWII. The list will be countless so the Americans can`t criticize the Islamic Republic and other cruel regimes. And they never feel pity for Iranian people and don`t care what`s happening to them. They just care about their pockets!

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