Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three Days of Absolute Fun

I was too agitated yesterday for whatever fucking reason and didn’t post this but there were absolutely 3 big days full of pure fun last week. It started from Fri. noon when A. J. came over. The reason he came over is a Home Warranty Insurance inspector coming to the job-site in the morning and pointing at a few minor issues. He was about to leave and I thought I left for a snack or something not work-related and A. J. called! Soon after I found out that the inspector had noticed something wrong and that was really bad: All the windows should have been sealed against the rain, condensation and any other kind of moisture and the procedure or method is called Rain Screen. This is mandatory in British Columbia for the houses which are registered in ’07. The inspector asked me about the date of registration but I didn’t know and I told him that.
I started doing that shit with the help of A. J. and for a big house like that, it was a disaster. The more we did, the more, A. J. got mad and once he grabbed a sealing paper which was being stuck and threw it down from the second level and said he wanted to stab himself in the stomach!
I hardly could help laughing and when I remember that moment and other moments of turmoil for him, I burst into laughter! We worked all day long until almost 08:00 PM but there was not much progress.
Saturday started with him calling Mike, asking for a hand. The bastard said he would be there soon but when it was 01:00 there was still no sign of him, although A. J. had given him the second ring! Then the siding guys showed up and we were 4 and there was a little better progress but as A. J. always hinders progress, something happened which caused a major delay: We went to a rental place to return a drill which I had rented to make 2” ventilation holes bellow the windows. That was where A. J. saw a machine called Boom! It’s actually a lift with a box which is a perfect tool for the job. He ordered it to be delivered to the job-site. When it arrived, I went to get a little training but the guy told me that he wouldn’t drive it to the side of the house and backyard because it would sink. I told the issue to A. J. but he said that he would drive it himself and there wouldn’t be anything to be worried about! I told the rental guy that the boss claims that he was capable of navigating everything from space shuttle to F-14 Tomcat fighter jet! He laughed and left after we shook hands.
Then we used the machine for a few windows and A. J. did exactly what I warned him about: He tried to go to the backyard! The more he tried the deeper he sank! That was a real comedy. The whole block was watching us and everybody was passing by just to see the idiot who caused problem for himself. Finally the machine got towed away and that cost A. J. around $130! And that’s apparently extra to the rent! He was hoping mad, then especially because he couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours every night. He told his wife on the phone when we were driving back home, that this was his corpse getting home at the moment!
I enjoyed every single moment of his pain and torture because that’s exactly what happens to a selfish poser jerk who doesn’t listen to anyone! I was talking to him once last Sep. And he told me he had just gotten back from a vacation. It was as clear as crystal to me that he wanted to show off. When I asked where he had been to, he instead asked me where the destination was which everyone would love to be there and I didn’t know! And then he proudly said that he and his family had been to Hawaii!
Hawaii!? What a jerk! Did you just forget that where you came from? You just made a few thousand bucks and soon forgot where you are!!! Now he understands what he is dealing with. He truly understands that in the world of capitalism it’s very hard to compete with big companies and it’s very hard to succeed with no plan, management and engineering.
Anyhow we finally finished all the windows by 08:30 PM Sun.! The last day got even funnier. He started getting more and more impatient. Once he was about to lose the control of a very long ladder he was carrying and shouted and another time we were trying to take one window out and it almost dropped 2 inches but I held it. Jeff, his former tenant and the guy who contracts the electrical job of the project came too and gave us a hand. I made fun of him so much as a result of previous hidden conflict we had. A. J. finally ran away without having his dinner what he always does before heading home. He said that he was tired emotionally while added he did most of the job of the previous project himself. It was me and only me once again! But hear what he told me all afterwards: He told me that his designer had told him that there was no need for Rain Screen as the house is registered in ’06!!! Can you believe this?!
After all, something else happened that was a little extraordinary to me. That’s the next post. That’s F. F. calling me again!
(Photo: A. J.'s proudly and passionately driving his luxury vehicle, the Boom, in the streets of Beverly Hills, CA.!)

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