Sunday, September 23, 2007


I used to write almost every day for a long time but there’s nothing to write about these days. It’s just work, work and more work! And that’s how all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
But something that just happened recently and has been all over the media made me write. Canadian dollar has jumped up significantly and is at the same level as its American counterpart. It has different reactions from different sides. Federal Finance Minister knows this increase a result of strong Canadian economy followed by the lowest unemployment rate in last; I don’t know how many years. Some say people should not get excited, nothing has literally changed. But people don’t listen and don’t care whether it’s temporary or long-term. Reports of Canadians rush to travel agencies and crossing the border for shopping is all over the news.
There was also a Q&A in CBC a few nights ago. One asshole Iranian from fucking North Vancouver, possibly one of the worst neighbourhoods in entire Canada, asked how the new rate affects his mortgage!! A stupid stinky piece of crap is the same fucking scum, no matter where he is! Obviously he received the answer that the new rate doesn’t fucking affect his fucking mortgage. It’s as clear as crystal that if you’re paying a specific fucking fixed amount of fucking money, you motherfucker asshole, you keep paying the same fucking amount regardless of any change in exchange market. This is the simplest fact that only a stupid animal piece of shit form fucking North Vancouver doesn’t understand and that pisses me off. That pisses me off that animals like this are coming to this part of the globe more and more and making it the same shit like the other parts.
Anyway the only thing that might change for me is it would be a little easier for me if I go to see Alfa this Dec. I talked to him last weekend and he again confirmed that I can go and see him in MA. It will be cheaper for me know but it all depends on the work. I really want to go because that would be a good escape after these months of turmoil (!) but we’ll see.
One more thing said is regardless of the equality, many goods are much cheaper south of the border and that’s understandable to me. First of all the transportation cost must be also considered although it’s the same fixed price all over North America which looks a wrong to me because of this high price of gasoline these days (more than $1.04) second of all the price adjustment takes time. Retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers are probably not sure of the stability of the new rate and they are waiting for a sign which says this is not temporary and a strong economy backs it. In the other hand many jobs in manufacturing are in jeopardy because manufactured goods are mostly exported to the US. Same thing might happen to agricultural exports to the US with the difference that they probably have no alternative and must resort to Canadians. Beef could be amongst them.
(Photo: This funny and interesting cartoon borrowed from The Globe and Mail shows the Canadian goose on the one dollar Canadian coin is laughing and may be soon poking George Washington on the American one dollar bill as it stands as high as its counterpart. You can see the concern in his eyes)

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