Sunday, April 27, 2008

Follow up on Winners

I finally received an answer from the customer service of Winners last Wed. They asked me about the size and colour of the scarf and the store which sells that stupid Arabic Scarf, the one that is worn by young boys and girls. It was more popular in Cologne but I didn’t ask any of them but here, where I live, I go all the way to the bottom and will fix this. I just don’t want to cause any tension between me and the people that may offer a kind of service to me later.
The young pretty girl whom was seen by me wearing the scarf works in a nice little hair salon which I would like to go for my haircut ever since I found it good, although it’s expensive. So I gave the customer service lady a bit of information and send her 2 photos. But what I also did is I contacted the Liberal Party office in southern Calgary and asked them about the MP for that area and said that there was an issue which should be discussed with him/her. I don’t know if they do anything so I decided to follow the situation also from other sources.
I’m also going to contact several newspapers including The National Post which is anti-Muslim and anti-Arab and will take photos of people who are wearing the stupid scarf and send them to the media. I will do anything to kick these motherfucker Arabs’ asses the people who ruined our reputation all around the globe.
(Photo: This picture shows a bunch of Arab terrorists before beheading a prisoner. The scarf they all are wearing is exactly the one that young girls and boys wear proudly put on here, stupid asses! Not to mention that Americans' behavior all these years has led Arabs to this brutal kind of act)

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